Beyond researching how to get an engineering degree, it is important for potential students to research the expected cost of attendance for each engineering-focused university. Net price calculators allow students to enter information and estimate the amount it would cost to attend a particular college. The net price calculator takes into account grants, scholarships and other financial aid to generate a realistic estimate of the cost, so that students and their families can plan accordingly. It uses data such as tuition and other school-associated fees and calculates them against financial aid that the student may be receiving that fiscal year.

It is important to remember that the net price calculator is meant for estimating purposes only and does not take into account different factors that may affect these figures in the future, such as any available STEM scholarships for high school seniors.

Florida Polytechnic University’s Net Price Calculator helps students who are interested in attending Florida’s newest public STEM university estimate their costs. Proceed to the Net Price Calculator.