Forget your depth finder and fancy lures. A new drone-like machine will literally bring the bait straight to a fish you target.

It’s called PowerRay by PowerVision and its powerful camera doubles as both a fish finder and underwater explorer. Users can record and stream 4K video and even share the experience through virtual reality headsets. Through fish finder mode, users can direct PowerRay to the waiting target.

This commercial product is just the latest example of ways technology is reinventing underwater exploration. Canada’s Department of National Defence recently deployed drones equipped with a new way transmit images of the ocean floor using sound.

The sound method relies on sonar to deliver compressed images broken into 10,000 separate tiles that are then patched together through a receiver. Up until this development, the dense nature of ocean water limited the transmittal of images beyond roughly 400 feet.

These type of innovative projects come standard at top engineering colleges, which encourage learning through hands-on research.

Source: Powervision

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