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This website serves as a resource for high school students and their parents who are considering a STEM-focused college degree program. contains informational articles, videos and interactive content pertaining to the college preparation and application process. Tools include a financial aid calculator, STEM careers glossary and an application checklist with tips to help guide students through all four years of high school.

This website helps explain the path students can take to apply and prepare for a top engineering college. Some of the topics covered on include:

College Resources

This section explains the important elements involved in getting started with the college application process. The articles and supplemental videos outline the necessary exams students should take, what to look for when conducting preliminary research, how to determine what STEM degree to pursue and the next steps to take when applying to a college. To learn more explore these pages:

Career Resources

Students who are interested in learning about a future career in STEM will find valuable industry insight in this section. The articles below highlight in-demand fields and occupations that are growing fast, along with detailed information on career salaries, occupational opportunities and industry leaders.

  • STEM Careers Glossary – Filter through potential degrees, like computer information technology or health informatics, and their associated careers.
  • Occupational Outlook – Displays several occupations along with their respective college majors, job summaries, companies and prospective salaries.
  • Future of Big Data Analytics Video – Stephen K. Powell, Data Product Specialist at IBM describes emerging trends in big data analytics and the future of the field.
  • Discover Your Passion – Express your interests and passions, and learn how they might correlate to potential STEM career opportunities.


Browse our blog section for the latest information on STEM, including helpful advice from business and education professionals, guides on college prep and trending stem topics. Here are some articles to get you started:


High school students interested in STEM careers can use the tools and resources available on this website to prepare for the college application process and gain acceptance into a top STEM program. Students who invest more time preparing can increase the likelihood that they’ll meet their academic goals.

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