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A Quick List of STEM Careers

The nation is in the midst of a STEM revolution and the next generation of thinkers will be leading it. As the world becomes more digitally dependent, those in science and technology careers continue to fuel innovation with bold ideas and game-changing prototypes. Additionally, more industries are turning to engineers, scientists and mathematicians to solve and prevent some of the world’s biggest problems in areas like big data and cybersecurity.

With STEM-focused careers on the front line of economic growth, students of these disciplines have more opportunities to find jobs that truly inspire, challenge and reward them. Whether you want to create the next big video game, build autonomous vehicles or design intelligent machines, there is a profession that can fulfill your deepest passions.

Below is a glossary highlighting both established and emerging careers in STEM including job titles, common variations of the job title, examples of companies who hire for these jobs, a brief job description, median pay, and the projected ten-year growth.

Read through the job descriptions to learn more about each role and see which STEM careers interest you the most. Afterward, explore our list of degree programs to find a concentration that aligns with your career goals and aspirations.

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Job Title CompaniesDescriptionMedian Pay Projected 10-Year Growth

Aerospace Engineer

Alternate Job Titles:Aeronautical Engineer
Lockheed Martin, The United States Navy, Orbital Sciences Corporation

Engineers, designs, constructs, and tests aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft. This may also include materials research and the development of testing equipment.


Analytics Manager

Alternate Job Titles:Data Scientist, Data Manager
Wells Fargo, eBay, Verizon

Configures, designs and implements data analysis solutions that help assess a service or product’s performance, risk, and satisfaction.



Alternate Job Titles:Planetary Astronomer, Stellar Astronomer
US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Computational Physics, Inc, Vanderbilt University

Conduct research and develop theories about the way the universe works. They use equipment including specialized telescopes, computer programs, and other tools to observe and test their theories.



Alternate Job Titles:Biomedical Engineer, Physician
University of Florida, NuGen Technologies, Boston Children's Hospital

Studies the chemistry of living processes. This includes growth, aging, death, cell development, bodily functions, diseases, drugs and medications, and the development of testing methods.



Alternate Job Titles:Computational Biologist, Environmental Biologist
National Institute of Health, US Fish and Wildlife Service, CH2M Hill

Biologists study living organisms. They often work in a school or university setting or aid in research for private companies.


Chemical Engineer

Alternate Job Titles:Biochemical Engineer, Pharmaceutical Engineer, Thermo-Fluid Engineer
Dow Chemical Co., ExxonMobile Corp, Honeywell International

Solve problems that involve the production of chemicals in food, fuel, drugs, and a wide array of other products through the use of chemistry, biology, physics, and math.



Alternate Job Titles:Mathematical Modeller, Mathematical Technician, Statistician
GM Financial Group, Cybercoders, Radiance Learning

Formulate and solve practical problems through the use of mathematical theories and techniques. Mathematicians work in many fields including business, engineering, and government.



Alternate Job Titles:Geophysicist, Physics Researcher, Engineering Physicist
University of Tampa, Moffitt Cancer Center, Air Force Material Command

Study the matter and energy of the universe. Develop models and theories to explain observed and theoretical interactions.



Alternate Job Titles:Behavior Scientist, Therapist
US Department of Veterans Affairs, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital

Study the human mind. Research behavior, memory, and mental health disorders. Determine methods to promote good mental health.


Applications Engineer

Alternate Job Titles:Software Application Developer
Texas Instruments, Oracle, Miracle Software Systems

Develops new systems and equipment, and redesigns existing systems to help companies meet consumer needs.


Civil Engineer

Alternate Job Titles:Architectural Engineer
Global Engineering Solutions, Jacobs, Huttig Building Products

Applies design and engineering principles to the construction of buildings, bridges, tunnels, roads, and other infrastructure.


Big Data Analyst

Alternate Job Titles:Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Analyst
Citi, Equifax, HP Inc.

Uses data to help companies make better business decisions. Analysts may collect data from sales, market research, logistics, transportation, manufacturing, etc., and interpret the findings to influence business decisions.


Clinical Informatics Analyst

Alternate Job Titles:Clinical Analyst
Phillips, Siemens, Cigna, Cleveland Clinic

Creates processes, procedures, workflows and systems for health care facilities.


Quality Assurance Manager

Alternate Job Titles:Test Development Engineer, Software Tester
Amazon, Sapient, US Air Force

Assesses a company’s development, production, and manufacturing processes to meet external and internal requirements.


Data Architect

Alternate Job Titles:Business Intelligence Architect
IBM, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Amazon

Determines what data management systems are appropriate for a company’s needs.


Data Engineer

Alternate Job Titles:Software Engineer
Amazon, Capital One, Facebook

Uses knowledge of data mining, machine learning and programming to collect big data and create pipelines in which this information can be pulled.


Gaming Engineer

Alternate Job Titles:Video Game Programmer
Riot Games, Microsoft, Epic Games

Works in all phases of game development to concept, code gameplay, and test and troubleshoot the finished game.


Software Architect

Alternate Job Titles:Software Engineering Architect
Intuit, Oracle, Intel

Determines software coding standards, tools, and platforms to ensure a project’s quality.


Solutions Architect

Alternate Job Titles:Solutions Architect
Cerner, Cisco Systems, Dell

Designs an organization’s applications or services.


UX Designer

Alternate Job Titles:User-Experience Designer
Amazon, IBM, MICROS Systems

Researches users’ emotional and functional needs to create and execute user-friendly mobile and web design experiences.


Research & Development Engineers

Alternate Job Titles:R&D Engineer
Caterpillar, Ford Motor Company, General Mills

Researches and invents methods, processes, and products, applying their knowledge to improve current standards and practices in order to fulfill a goal.


Research Scientist

Alternate Job Titles:Researcher, Research PI
MIT, Intel, Siemens

Plans and conducts experiments in order to test hypotheses.


Process Engineer

Alternate Job Titles:Manufacturing Process Engineer,
Intel, Texas Instruments, ExxonMobil

Modifies current processes or develops new manufacturing and industrial systems that reduce cost and risk.


Software Developer

Alternate Job Titles:Developer, Product Manager
Epic Games, General Motors, IBM

Researches, designs, programs, maintains, and tests computer software to meet a specific function.


Computer Programmer

Alternate Job Titles:Software Developer, Coder
IBM, LanceSoft, Fujitsu

Troubleshoots problems with computer software and equipment, and provides technical advice to users and organizations.


Statistical Engineer

Alternate Job Titles:Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer
TransUnion, Corning, Bose

Applies statistical theory to collect and interpret numerical data to find insights that can be used for decision-making and problem-solving in business, engineering, healthcare, and technology.


Computer Support Specialist

Alternate Job Titles:Computer Tech, Technical Support Specialist
Lockheed Martin, Natsoft, Apple

Troubleshoots problems with computer software and equipment, and provides technical advice to users and organizations.


Cost Estimator

Alternate Job Titles:Cost Consultant, Cost Engineer, Project Control Specialist
Rigid Global Buildings, Raytheon, Booz Allen Hamilton

Collects data and works with software to identify how much time, money, materials and labor are required to manufacture products, build infrastructure, construct a building or provide a service.


Clinical Analyst

Alternate Job Titles:Clinical Data Analyst
UnitedHealth Group, John Hopkins University, Highmark Health

Manages information within hospitals or clinics to ensure processes run efficiently.


Health Information Technologist

Alternate Job Titles:Systems Analyst
Suncoast Hospice, Greenway Health, NTT Data

Ensures that the technology used to process, store, retrieve, and distribute medical data is accurate and secure.


Biomedical Engineer

Alternate Job Titles:Biomedical Research Engineer,
Aramark, FDA, Soma Technology

Improves healthcare outcomes by designing devices, concepts, and processes in medicine and biology.


Supply Chain Manager

Alternate Job Titles:Purchasing Manager
PepsiCo, CGN Global, Caterpillar

Directs or coordinates production, purchasing, warehousing, or distribution to streamline activities and meet production needs.


Logistics Manager

Alternate Job Titles:Planner
Ryder Systems, US Army, Amazon

Organizes storage and distribution of goods to ensure the right products are delivered to the right place at the right time.


Materials Manager

Alternate Job Titles:Materials Supervisor
Lowe's, GE, Kraft Heinz Company

Plans and directs the process of buying materials, products, and services that are required for manufacturing or service delivery.


Quality Engineer

Alternate Job Titles:Manufacturing Quality Engineer
MathWorks, Adobe, Boston Scientific

Monitors the quality of manufacturing processes to discover, track, and fix defects within systems.


Operations Analyst

Alternate Job Titles:Operations Research Analyst
Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America

Identifies and solves process problems relating to customer information, internal procedures, or business issues.


Industrial Engineer

Alternate Job Titles:Industrial Design Engineer
Boeing, Intel, UPS

Improves productivity, operational efficiency, and quality of industrial processes and systems.


Manufacturing Engineer

Alternate Job Titles:Manufacturing Design Engineer
Ford Motor Company, GE, Boeing

Improves, creates, and tests machines in manufacturing processes for optimal performance.


Mechanical Design Engineer

Alternate Job Titles:Mechanical Engineer
GE Aviation, Sensata Technologies, Tesla

Creates and improves the current design of machinery for production and operational efficiency.


Electromagnetic Engineer

Alternate Job Titles:Electromagnetic Design Engineer, Electromagnetic Effects Design & Analysis Engineer
GE Healthcare, Boeing, Garmin

Designs linear induction and linear synchronous motors, other magnetic products and the applicable control systems.


Semiconductor Engineer

Alternate Job Titles:Semiconductor Design Engineer
Intel, L3 Technologies, Corning

Designs, tests, and manufactures the essential building blocks of all modern electronics from computers to medical devices.


Electrical Engineer

Alternate Job Titles:Engineer - Electric Power, Electrical Design Engineer
Motorola, GE, Lockheed Martin

Creates electrical systems, products, components, materials, and applications by applying knowledge of electricity and materials.


Simulation Systems Engineer

Alternate Job Titles:Simulation Engineer
Qualcomm, Cessna, Huntington Ingalls Industries

Analyzes, designs, debugs, and tests distributed interactive simulation and/or high-level gaming architecture applications.


Information Security Engineer

Alternate Job Titles:IT Security Engineer, Information Assurance Analyst
Booz Allen Hamilton, Wells Fargo, Lockheed Martin

Helps businesses safeguard sensitive data like client data and financial records from security breaches and hackers.


Computer Systems Administrator

Alternate Job Titles:Systems Administrator, Sysadmin
MCS Global, Amsoft, US Federal Government

Installs, configures, and tests the computer environment between the host and the local area or wide area network.


Computer Hardware Engineer

Alternate Job Titles:Hardware Engineer
Intel, Oracle, Larsen & Toubro

Researches, designs, and tests computer equipment relating to hardware, such as circuit boards, processors, and routers.


Computer Network Architect

Alternate Job Titles:Network Architect, Computer Network Engineer
VisionSoft, Introlligent, Fourth Technologies

Designs and builds data communication networks that can range from a local loop to globally distributed networks.


Web Developer

Alternate Job Titles:Front End Developer, Full Stack Developer, Web Designer
Google, LinkedIn, Wells Fargo

Develops websites and applications over distributed networks from a web server to a web browser.


Database Administrator

Alternate Job Titles:Database Specialist, Database Admin
Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services, Fujitsu

Installs, configures, and manages the operations, maintenance, and security of databases within a business or organization.


Information Technologist

Alternate Job Titles:Information Technology Analyst
UPS, US Navy, Chevron

Ensures that computers and telecommunications networks process, store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data efficiently.


Health Information Technician

Alternate Job Titles:Health Information Analyst
Mercy, Scripps Health, State of Wisconsin

Verifies the completeness and accuracy of medical records and sensitive medical documents.