Job stability and earning a living are important factors when considering a job, but it also pays to work at a place you love. A recent list from Forbes shows the 10 STEM current companies with the most open jobs.

The Top 10 Companies with STEM Job Openings Right Now

  1. Amazon
  2. General Dynamics
  3. Lockheed Martin
  4. Booz Allen Hamilton
  5. Northrop Grumman
  6. CACI International, Inc
  7. Microsoft
  8. Oracle
  9. Leidos
  10. Raytheon

How do I get a job in STEM?

Picking the right university to get a desk at one of these companies takes more than a degree. A school like Florida Polytechnic University, for instance, offers career services counseling, access to online career readiness platform Purple Briefcase and connections with more than 90 industry partners for mentoring and internship opportunities.


Source: Forbes

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